Addiction in an age of lovelesness


These are words for all of those who have found themselves on their knees, howling at the moon, searching for a way back home to a place they once were loved in…

addiction has taken its share of us. as a community, there are so many reasons to want to hide in our own skin. to be invisible and feel less. to know the pain of losing our languages, our children, crossing rivers and oceans to be met on an isle of unbelonging. we find ways to mask our sorrow in song. 

often i don’t know how to share fully on social media the things that touch me most deeply from my culture...for fear that it wont be met with tender hands and hearts...for fear that our words will be misread, woven into stories that were never ours. 

hip hop is our gift to the world. a language that holds both our enduring softness and sharp edges of what it means to be young and black. 

Thank you, J Cole, for your poetry. i hope it reaches the ears of those who can hear it.