Making a gift of yourself



“attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity”

-Simone Weil. 

For all of the times I have gone unseen,

felt unmet or unheard,

it doesn’t stop me from wanting

to give the gift of attention and true presence

to people I love

and strangers alike...

and so, i believe it’s the willingness

to extend our hands

across the tide of physicality

to reach for another,

never knowing if they will reach back,

but doing so because our hearts

will us to love, to give, to sing, to devote,

to bless and bestow a sense of beauty

on the world around us…

and because our own hearts ask to be held.

perhaps that is why we love.

and even if we are not met

with attention or a gaze of appreciation by others,

who we get to become

in the process of making an offering of ourselves

is the greater gift we are left with.

-zena carlota pearl