wild breaux botanica

“The land is the real teacher. All we need as students is mindfulness” 

-Robin wall kimmerer


Nature is our first mother, the unconditional gift giver; and Wild Breaux is my living prayer of returning to be in deeper relationship with her. Breaux is my family namesake, originating from St. James Parish, Louisiana, where my great great grandmother Leontine worked as a known herbalist and healer for the local community. Inspired by my Louisiana Creole heritage, Afro-Indigenous medicine making and the country sensibilities of my Southern roots, I create herbal offerings for bodies and spaces.

Zena Carlota_Wild Breaux Botanica


Wild harvested herb and flower teas inspired by each season.

Fall: Lavender blend

Winter: Rose and piñon pine blend

Spring: Wildflower and calendula blend

Summer: Hibiscus rose blend

Zena Carlota_Wild Breaux Botanica Wild Rose Oil

Body and lymphatic massage oil

Sustainably harvested wild rose blend steeped for one full and new moon; made with love.